IT Services

To assist our client organisations in utilising cutting-edge technology for business improvement and maximum returns on their IT expenditures, BENVIA stays busy with IT breakthroughs and the most recent business trends (ROI).

We firmly think that unless we provide a solution that makes our client satisfied, our work is not finished. Using our proven framework and onsite-offshore strategy, we can design, develop, and deliver projects more quickly. Our ability to deliver the most difficult solution is based on our commitment to excellence and creative problem-solving.

Some of the most reputable US organisations receive considerable advantages, company optimization, and improved return on investment (ROI) from our Hyderabad development center’s cutting-edge technical solutions.

Application Development & Maintenance

Outsourcing application development and support enables businesses to keep up with the quickly advancing business and technological landscapes. In addition to supporting legacy systems and bridging gaps between older and newer applications, new business areas necessitate newer applications.

We assist businesses in achieving their goals while assisting them in making the most use of their IT budgets to support their current legacy application suite and create new apps and solutions.

  1. Our strengths in this area include:
  2. Sound domain knowledge
  3. Scalable and state of the art Infrastructure
  4. Strong technical skills and experience
  5. Established Development Framework and Transition Plans
  6. Team Extension – Provide resources to suit you requirement on-site and off-site
  7. 24/7/365 service and support
  8. Ability to ramp up quickly as per clients’ business requirement
  9. High quality assurance standards
  10. Powerful tools, proven methodology
  11. High employee retention rate

Benvia provides custom application development solutions in line with your company’s goals and plans. Companies must discover areas for automation and fresh requirements for bespoke solutions given how quickly technology and business requirements are changing. Organizations can fill up functional gaps and efficiently accomplish their business objectives with the aid of customised applications.

Our selection of outsourcing services for application development includes:

  • Application Development
  • Offshore product development
  • Customized application development
  • New application development

Approximately 75–80% of IT budgets are used for application management and maintenance in today’s dynamic IT environment. The operational and intellectual foundation of client organisations is provided by existing legacy systems. The upkeep and support of such mission-critical apps are essential to the sustainability of any organisation.

According to estimates from market research, more than 70% of company data is still stored on outdated systems. The main difficulty nowadays is effectively managing legacy systems to satisfy changing company needs.

We offer the following application maintenance services:

  • Off-shore viability and Maintainability Analysis
  • Application Management – Maintenance & Support
  • Helpdesk – Single point of contact for all IT Support.

Leading offshore IT provider Benvia has a track record of success with application development and maintenance services. With the help of our on-shore and off-shore delivery models, we have significantly reduced the cost of software development and application support for our international clients.

Using our on-shore and off-shore model, you can:

  • Reduction of IT expenditure up to 40 – 60%
  • Re-allocate and use existing staff to critical projects
  • Eliminate the risk of critical staff
  • Guaranteed service levels
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Enhance stability, flexibility and security of systems
  • Benefit from 24/7 support
  • Increase user satisfaction

E-Business Solutions

The Internet is now a common technology, and it has changed how businesses operate. Our eBusiness solution practise combines knowledge of content management systems, portal development frameworks, application servers, middleware integration, and other cutting-edge technology platforms including Microsoft.NET and J2EE.

Today’s eBusiness is about conducting business effectively rather than using technology. We provide comprehensive business solutions that may be integrated with different company software. Benvia is an expert in the following fields:

  1. Web Services solution
  2. Web-based applications development, including e-commerce applications
  3. Enterprise Information Portal development
  4. Web application maintenance

For web-based ebusiness solution demands, we may serve as your technology solution provider and open up new possibilities, streamline procedures, and integrate operations. Our solutions incorporate a wide range of technologies that allow our reputable clients execute high-quality services while delivering quantifiable value.

Business Intelligence And Data Warehousing

An Enterprise Decision Support System’s success depends on having a well-designed business intelligence system that is supported by a reliable data warehouse. To deliver reliable business intelligence solutions, our DW approach offers seamless integration of Data Warehouse, CDC (near real-time), OLAP, and Internet technologies. The Benvia team is very skilled in providing all-encompassing solutions that include Management Dashboard, Self Service Reporting Environment powered by Semantic Layer, Analytical Reports, and Advanced Analytics (predictive modeling). Our team focuses especially on performance and optimization when developing ETL and BI Architecture. We provide quick evaluation of data warehouse goals and develop suggestions and high level system architecture.

Whether establishing a new solution or improving an old one, we provide a thorough approach to building systems.

Enterprise Portals & Content Management

At Benvia, we are aware of the difficulties and obstacles associated with providing stakeholders with 24/7 access to relevant business information. All firms are becoming more concerned with compliance, transparency, and risk mitigation as a result of the unimaginably growing number of electronic content and communications. In this ever-changing environment, enterprise content management is as difficult as it can be. In order to make business material traceable, safe, and auditable, organisations are choosing IT solutions.

Portals & Content Management Services

We provide a variety of portal solutions, such as e-commerce portals, enterprise knowledge/information portals, and web information portals. We have a lot of expertise in

  • Large Scale Transaction Systems
  • Large Databases
  • High Availability Requirements

Through the entire lifecycle of your portal project, we can conceptualise, create, and support you thanks to our special knowledge in business analysis, architecture, and delivery. You receive assistance from our framework at every stage, from strategy to implementation. This also contains

Strategy planning

  • Architecture
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance

Migration And Re-engineering

It can be difficult for different firms to integrate and standardise their apps for a variety of reasons, from technology compatibility to lower maintenance costs. We are aware of the difficulties facing CIOs today. Almost all businesses will encounter difficulties merging their current systems with the online environment while maintaining the benefit of traditional and well-established business methods.

Companies must stay current with evolving technological breakthroughs in order to respond to such new difficulties. This may need the migration of programmes and databases from one platform to another, maybe using more advanced technology, or the decision to completely rethink and restructure its IT infrastructure.

Migrating applications from one application server to another has become important for several reasons. Business reasons may include –

  • Upgrade legacy application to most recent technology and make them web-enabled
  • Make IT development cost efficient and move to open-source environment
  • Upgrade move to a brand-name product for better performance, support, compatibility with new applications and feature completeness
  • Technical reasons also force migrations like newer version of technology and a much needed feature may force an upgrade in related products of your deployment
  • A possible forced move simply because your vendor is no longer in the application server business.

We always work to ensure a smooth transition to the new environment with the least amount of disruption. We reduce overall cost while preserving the same functionality and offering additions for potential future demands using our tried-and-true on-site off-shore strategy. All of our services can be carried out as time-and-materials projects or set pricing, scope, and time projects.

QA & Testing

Delivering high-quality solutions with minimal effort and time is crucial in today’s demanding business environment. Although testing is the primary criterion for every successful application development, it is becoming increasingly challenging to manage an internal testing team.

With its wide range of testing solutions, Benvia Testing Services assists businesses in delivering high-quality applications within given deadlines. The software development lifecycle incorporates our testing approaches and solutions. Large enterprises benefit from reduced costs related with testing and development, as well as more consistent and higher quality levels. We provide end-to-end testing services to ensure that customer applications perform to their stated standards.

Our suite of testing services includes:

  1. Functional Testing
  2. Test Automation
  3. Performance Testing

Functional Testing

Functional testing makes ensuring that the application satisfies the functional specifications and operates as the business anticipates. Clear definitions of business criticality, the identification of end-to-end capabilities, and the identification of internal interfaces are the major areas of focus.

unbiased functional testing consists of:
Functional Testing – We verify that the application operates correctly and does precisely what it is intended to.

Regression testing – It is crucial to make sure that all application changes function as intended and that issues are found during the development process.

Component testing – Verifying that subsystem components adhere to specifications is very important.

Critical business functions are tested using a risk-based approach to ensure they operate in accordance with requirements and business requirements.

Test Automation
Automated testing offers quicker test cycles in addition to speeding up the testing procedure. We are dedicated to reducing costs by using the appropriate testing tools for the appropriate procedures. Our efforts are concentrated on conducting the proper analysis and choosing the testing strategy that will yield the best results. Even though we have a very clearly defined manual testing procedure, regression testing is where automated testing shines. This allows us to fulfil deadlines and provide software that is of a high calibre and adheres to tight quality standards.

Performance Testing
Thorough requirement analysis is always the key to success for any application development initiative. We always begin our performance-testing projects keeping in mind the total requirement specification. We work on the detailed plan to optimize performance and fine tune the application’s performance environment.

For volume tests, stress tests, load, spike, and endurance tests, we develop thorough workload models and real-world situations. We cover a lot of ground to comprehend the performance tuning requirements, design the plan to foresee bottlenecks, and spot gaps in non-function requirements, including the program’s load and usage, application restrictions, and maximum concurrent users.