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Benvia has been a most reliable and trusted partner for the Michaels/Wilder Group. Because of our strategic relationship with Benvia, we have been able to handle the rapid growth in our Internet Services division efficiently. As the needs of our clients have evolved from brochure websites to full-blown Internet and intranet applications, Benvia’s strong technical expertise, thorough attention to detail and timely deliveries have been a real boon for us. It’s a true win-win-win situation for Benvia, our clients and us!

Ralph Knight

Michaels/Wilder Group

Benvia has acted as an extension of IPT’s development team to bring their software functionality needs from vision to reality. It’s obviously possible for things to come up and problems occur. No one expects it to be problem free. But you want to make sure to have somebody that will work with you to actually get through those things. I have recommended and I would recommend Benvia to scale a development team,

Brian Lauducci


IT Web Solutions has utilized Benvia’s software development services on several engagements for our most important Fortune 500 clients. Benvia’s model of offshore developers and onshore senior architects has worked well to ensure quality deliverables. Benvia’s technical competence is strong, and their level of customer service has been outstanding. We look forward to working with them on future projects

John Delvechhio

IT Web Solutions, Inc.


Here are summaries of some of the interesting projects we have worked on recently:

IPT cuts software development costs by 50% using Benvia’s offshore solutions

According to Mr. Lauducci, IPT has seen an average of 50% cost savings with Benvia over comparable U.S. based development resources. The ability to a ord two o -shore resources for every one U.S.-based resource allows IPT to scale more quickly within the same budget constraints. More important is perhaps what can’t be measured in ROI terms—the peace of mind knowing that Benvia can anticipate and resolve problems before they even begin. Benvia’s use of developers who “shadow” their primary sta was a creative way to keep IPT’s deliverables schedule on track with minimal downtime. “I had no idea who he’d (Sandeep) bring in for developers. I had no idea how some of these things would work but I did know that he would make it right if something came up. That’s something that I think makes it easy to recommend them.”

Benvia develops a Software-as-a-Service Solution for hospitality industry

Benvia develops a Software-as-a-Service Solution, all on a single and easy-to-use platform, for hospitality industry to manage Hotel Property Management, Bookings, Global Distribution and Marketing. This unique product is designed exclusively for independent hoteliers, small and large hotel chains and hotel management companies.

Benvia’s expertise in developing and supporting large application and its dedicated team effort has helped immensely to evolving this unique product into a full-fledged SaaS based industry leading application. For all small to large hotel, motel and bed & breakfast chains, the SaaS based solution offers flexibility of integrating their existing communication system hardware, payment gateways and update all transactions real-time. The web-based delivery makes it integrate with any computer hardware / OS seamlessly and thus saving a lot of capital investment and operational and IT support cost.

Assets Under Management (AUM) Data Warehouse Re-architecture

For an investment Bank we re-architected a Data Warehouse with $610 Billion Assets under Management. The re-architecture effort reduced the number of database instances from 6 to 1, greatly reducing the maintenance and production servicing costs. The centralized Data Warehouse located in Europe serves the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. The client data secrecy was handled with encryption mechanism to satisfy the data governance laws of different countries. The Data Warehouse calculates Sales by Product Sales Manager/Sales Manager, Assets under Management, Assets Managed, Assets Sourced and Fund of Funds, Production vs. Sales accounting. The dimensional model allows the business to slice the data in many ways to perform business analysis and reporting. The Data Warehouse also provides Sales and Assets information to Global MIS executive dashboard. The data warehouse leverages the power for Informatica and Oracle 10g to deliver optimal performance.

Insurance Framework

For an insurance client, we were responsible for evolving UML-based analysis, design and implementation models using Rational Rose. The client’s objective was to come up with a flexible and reusable framework for creating client-server applications for their sales force. The applications span multiple lines of business, including life insurance, annuities, auto insurance and home insurance. Analysis was done using the Rational approach, and object – oriented methodologies and design patterns (like Model-View-Controller, layering, n-tiered, command, façade, publisher-subscriber) were used. The framework was then used to build three applications. In addition to facilitating the implementation of these applications, the true benefit of this framework surfaced in the maintenance phase, which is usually the most expensive phase of software life cycle.

Prospect Management

For an insurance and securities client, we designed and implemented a sales automation middleware system, which processes high volumes of prospect inquiries from various channels and uses a rules engine to route the inquiries to the most appropriate sales representatives. The rules engine was implemented as a series of EJB’s running in a Web Sphere container, and the XML messages are processed via MQ queues. The client saved on recurring resources involved in routing the prospects and ensured that all sales reps were being treated fairly and uniformly in terms of getting new leads.

Pharma: Global Vocabulary Mgmt

We designed and developed a reusable servlet & JSP framework (MVC) for an integrated collection of enterprise intranet sites for a global pharmaceutical client. These sites are used to maintain our client’s enterprise electronic vocabularies, to map existing vocabularies to newer global standards (MedDRA), and to decommission several legacy client-server applications.


For an insurance and securities client, we designed and developed a web portal to personalize the user experience. Various information (including account data, stock quotes, weather, news and favorite links) was displayed in a unified view. The application makes extensive use of XML and XSL. This application was well received by our client’s clients, and the Message Board on the application’s main page has become a powerful marketing channel for our client.

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